Friday, September 28, 2012

Pics of NEW Minis

Here are some pictures of my newest figs I've put together.

Up first is Lord Zhufor of the Skulltakers with his retinue of Khorne Terminators:

Next up is some Khorne Berzerkers and some champions:

Here are some pics of some Traitor Guard allies for my Iron Warriors:

By the way, I was spurred to action to take these pics and post them because of my friend's blog who just posted a bunch of his guard today!  Check it out here:

I have been working n lissts in my head the last 3 days or so since pics have been surfacing of the new rules from the new chaos codex.  I will share those thoughts soon.....


  1. Love the new models. The terminators are bad-ass.

  2. Topknot guard is a damn good looking kitbash.

  3. Thanks! I love converting more than anything and the topknot guy just kind of came together by digging through my bits box.