Thursday, April 24, 2014

Word Bearers + Lord Of Skulls Vs. Minotaurs + Imperial Knight 3000 points

This past weekend, I went over to my friend's house to play some 40k and grill out.

He had a number of people over mainly because one of our mutual friend's, wolfman, was in town from the Great White North.

Several tables were set up and 3 games were going on at one point simultaneously.

I played chaos101 and his Word Bearers.  Since I wanted to play my Knight and he wanted to play against it, he also brought his Khorne Lord Of Skulls.

His list was approximately:
4 10 man Marine Squads with 2 meltaguns
2 Heldrakes with bale flamers
2 Forgefiends with Hades autocannons
3 Obliterators
1 Khorne Lord Of Skulls

My list was:
Asterion Moloc Chapter Master of the Minotaurs
High Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator Armour
3 10 man marine squads in rhinos
1 5 man marine squad in a rhino
2 landspeeders with typhoon missile launchers and heavy bolters
2 Rifleman Dreadnoughts
2 Predators with Autocannons and 2 heavy bolters
10 Vanguard Veterans
Land Raider Redeemer
Imperial Knight Paladin

This would be a tough fight.  I knew this going in, but I made several key mistakes at deployment.

Anyways, here is my Imperial Knight stalking down city streets seeking the Chaos scum.

We decide to roll randomly for mission.  We get The Relic Mission and Dawn of War Deployment.

I won the roll of and deployed first as well as went first.

This was my biggest mistake, I should have let him deploy first.  I could have responded to his deployment and I probably would have done better.

Here is my deployment:

And from another angle:

Turn 1 I move up my entire army.  I see his Lord Of Skulls deployed across from my Knight and decide it would be a good idea to run straight at it.

In the center my Terminators move forward along with my Land Raider.

Unfortunately not much happened on my turn 1.  My shooting was ineffectual.

In his turn he decided it was time for the Lord Of Skulls to do its thing.

After the combat:

He moved his Forgefiends around the building to fire at my Predators

His Rhinos shuffled around turn one as well.

Lord Asterion Moloc leads his terminators into the Lord of Skulls and they get slaughtered by its D attacks.

My Land Raider and rhinos continued their advance and one of his rhinos was destroyed.

And then the Heldrakes arrived.

And the Word Bearers shoot their meltas and blew up my Land Raider.  The good new is I am right there ready to assault.

On the Minotaur's right flank things begin looking grim.  The two Forgefiends are unaffected by the Minotaur's Predators and Dreadnought and continue to move and fire.  They blow up one of the Predators.

High Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi is undeterred by the rest of the battle.  He leads his Vanguard Veteran Assault Squad into a squad of Chaos Traitors.  The cowardly champion of Chaos challenges and the Chaplain steps up.  Wielding his Crozius Arkanos he swings it through the air decapitating the stunned Champion before he can even respond.

As Heldrakes fly over the battlefield things begin to look grim for the Minotaurs.

Belakor flies over to the Minotaur side of the city, still high up in a ruined building.  The Lord Of SKulls prepares to crush some Space Marines under foot, but not before they fire off some melta shots.

Belakor then flies across the street to a different building.  The Minotaur tanks circle around to face him and open fire.  He falls to the ground with a thud.  He is injured but not dead.

One lone marine opens fire on the Lord Of Skulls with his trusty meltagun.

The Word Bearer Marines move forward and disembark from their rhinos in an attempt to take the Relic and smash the remaining Minotaur marine who is trying to take it.

The two Forgefiends fire down the length of the street at the meager forces remaining from the Minotaur's army.

Chaplain Enkomi hunkers down in a crater as Obliterators open fire.  He takes two wounds but continues to fight.

The lone Marine with his meltagun takes off the last Hull Point on the Lord Of Skulls.  A huge explosion rocks the city and kills the brave Space Marine who pulled the trigger.

Chaplain Enkomi assaults and destroys the Rhino with his powerfist.  He is not amused by the Word Bearers.

The Word Bearers eventually take the Relic.  The Minotaurs have been beat back today by the forces of Chaos.

At the end of the battle the Minotaurs withdraw to lick their wounds.  The feud between the Word Bearers and the Minotaurs continues.

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  1. Awesome work!

    Did you have anything to shoot against those flyers?

  2. I have no anti-air at all. Once my two storm talons and my one storm raven are done, then I will have some anti-air.